Week in Review (Feb 22, 2016 – Feb 28, 2016)

eXtreme Programming 20 Years Later

red-green-refactorKent Beck recently spoke about eXtreme Programming (XP) and its history. He gives some good insight as to how the name has hurt the practice by giving not only the implication that it is careless development, but that it gave shelter to those that were looking at not doing responsible development. I started using parts of XP back in 2000 where there was little chance of using pair programming in most shops. However it did initiate the realization that in programming, one must always strive to improve oneself. It showed the dichotomy of the modern workforce that shows the battle of those that work hard vs work smart. You can listen to Kent’s talk here.

Jetbrains – the Unicorn that Silicon Valley Doesn’t Want to Talk About

unicornOne thing that has remained constant in a majority of competent developers is the role of the products that Jetbrains produces. With the upcoming Project Rider, a large sector of the developers that are tethered to Visual Studio and, in turn, Windows, can now move to a lighter weight Linux development environment and keep the refactoring that Jetbrains offers for C#. Jetbrains moves slowly but delivers quality the whole time. “Jetbrains is the role model company that Silicon Valley startups deserve, but not the one they need right now.”

Microsoft Drops Skype Support for Linux

penguin_on_phoneWith Balmer still backseat-driving Microsoft, his “Linux is Cancer” stance shows in their actions that do nothing like the “Microsoft loves Linux” PR stunt. Again, it’s unfortunate that while a number of people at Microsoft that are supporting Open Source and, more importantly, Open Source Platforms, other sides of the organization are actively opposing their efforts.

Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Beta 1 Released

Ubuntu MATE is gaining recognition very quickly as it overtook Raspbian as the most popular OS for the RaspberryPIs. MATE has included a very mature software centre that has a curated best applications to choose from.

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