Week in Review (Feb 29, 2016 – Apr 17, 2016)

With a lot of business duties in the past month or so, the week in review segments have stopped. With a more regular schedule they are back in action.

Feb 29 – Mar 6

The start of the Project Rider EAP (Early Access Program) was kicked off by JetBrains. This closes the loop for them as being able to cover all major development IDE bases on Linux. Without them, the complete Rapid Application Development experience for C# that Resharper brought to Visual Studio was missing on Linux.

Mar 7 – Mar 13

InfoWorld’s Simon Phipps wrote a very interesting article on Microsoft and Open Source. It seems they are only doing that out of necessity and for marketing/PR purposes. A good question that’s asked is why, if they are so pro-open-soure, has Microsoft not yet joined OIN (the Open Innovation Network). This would certainly put them into the “participant camp and out of the parasite camp.” (Source article)

Mar 14 – Mar 20

In a way, a follow up to the article last week was publish: The Cultural Defeat of Microsoft. It highlights the need for a platform to have its culture prevelant. It is harder and harder to find people that do things “the windows way” more and more. Many things are done on-line in web browsers and further on POSIX based systems like Linux, OSX and various other places like IoT. Instead of realizing the importance of cultural prevalence, under Balmer, they did not release a light weight free version of Windows Server. (Source article)

Mar 21 – Mar 27

Many project builds around the world were affected by one developer pulling out his left-pad project from the NPM system. This highlighted the issue of how development has swung too far to the side of buy/adopt vs build. Without owning the source for solutions, they are at risk of outside factors. To add, the total cost of ownership of code is incredibly high. The worst case scenario is where a solution is using only a small portion of a very large library or framework.

Mar 28 – Apr 3

In an effort to stem the tide of developers leaving the Windows platform, Microsoft has added bash to windows. This is a full fledged bash with apt-get and other utilities. Basic functionality was already available through MSysGit (now known as Windows Git) and Cygwin.

Apr 4 – Apr 10

Ted talks from February 2016 in Vancouver have been published and included an interview with Linus Torvalds. The video can be seen here.

Apr 11 – 17

Kubuntu 16.04 Neon is released. With the maturing of Qt/QML and the decision to adopt a rolling Desktop Environment on top of a stable Ubuntu 16.04 OS, the right abstraction between the presentation layer and system functionality has been achieved. The forces that drive this separation may be tied to the convergence initiatives by Canonical. In order to support desktop, tablet and phone interfaces, the right abstractions need to be in place. This is what is going to give an amazing experience in the coming years. It’s no surprise that this is coming from the largest successful open source project out there: Linux.

Apr 18 – 24

This week was very bad for the open-source and free software community. Pieter Hintjens was diagnosed with a late stage incurable cancer. His post can be found here. A full blog post will be added about Pieter, his impact on my and many others’ careers and what his work did for the world in the coming days.

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