Adaptech Solutions is a leading software consultancy helping companies envision, design and build systems that reflect the business realities of today while ensuring that they’re easily scalable and maintainable tomorrow.

Our clients are mid-sized enterprises in finance, government and regulated industries whose systems must be performant, highly-available or auditable. We extract business value from legacy systems and ensure that applications remain flexible and modern.

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Our expert architects provide guidance, a fresh perspective and course-correction at key points in your project, thereby saving time, money and wasted effort.

We help determine the business value of your current systems, which systems to re-build, how to undertake a migration, and we train in-house teams on modern architectures.

Microservices aren't new, but implementing them is different. We provide the tools and teams to effectively build and scale systems and help you support modern architectures.

Our corporate workshops are tailored to meet your business needs. Our public workshops teach participants the principles and practices of building modern systems.

“Adaptech has been supporting us on our own CQRS Journey for more than a year. We have engaged with Adaptech multiple times and they deliver both sound advice and exceptional code.”

– Matt Bishop, Principal Architect
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Business-centric Approach

We model your system with input from key business and technical stakeholders, clarify blocking issues in advance and can build the system with an approach that is technology-agnostic.

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While we’re in favour of microservices, it’s easy to build a distributed monolith. We help build modular, cohesive systems that are atomic and lightweight for scalable microservice architectures.

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Future Best Practices, Today

Members of our team are among leaders advocating practices followed by leading companies that will be industry-standard in the future. Our approach gives you a strategic, competitive advantage.

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Adam Dymitruk

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Robert Reppel

Chief Technology Officer

Robert Zalaudek

Chief Commercial Officer

Kelly Leahy

US Practice Director

Nicolas Dextraze

Principal Architect

We are passionate and dedicated technologists

We provide solutions, consulting, outsourcing, training and staffing for organizations that want to excel.

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