Architecture Assessment

Whether you are in the early stages of contemplating a change to your architecture or are well on the way in your microservices journey our architecture assessment can provide guidance and perspective when you need it most – at critical junctures in your projects.

New leadership, a significant pivot or a temperature checking your work in progress are all strong reasons for having an expert third-party assessment of your architecture. This provides peace of mind while reducing risk. Assess early; Assess often.

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Legacy Migration Planning

Older applications are not as nimble, flexible or open to change. The reality is that it takes significantly longer add functionality to older systems, provide access to data and compete with newer systems employing the latest tools and technologies.

Tight coupling and low cohesion are the realities of many software systems. The impact on the company and the product are:

  • Inability to version pieces of the application
  • Long release cycles
  • Developer frustration
  • Inability to scale

We will help you leverage your existing codebase, extract value and insights from it while building something new that will allow you to compete today and future-proof the application for tomorrow.

It's a risk-free way of experimenting and innovating at speed. It gives you everything you need to design, build and deliver a project or product at start-up speed and enterprise sophistication.

What's Included:

Event storming workshop
– Strategic –

Develop a shared understanding of key events and workflows which generate revenue, shareholder value and good customer experiences for the business as a whole.

Event storming workshop
– Product or Project –

Exploring workflows and events for a new product or project, at sufficient detail to start building working code.

Domain Model

This is working, demo-able code under test, based on workflows and events from the event storming workshops. It has interfaces to 3rd party systems and legacy stubbed out and APIs defined, ready for implementation and integration.

Rollout Planning

With the working domain model from the previous step as "tail light to follow", we work with your team to create project plans, ready for delivery. Because the core functionality is already present and services, APIs and interfaces are clearly delineated, project management and coordination tends to be less arduous.

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Software Delivery

You're committed to delivering high-quality software but sometimes it’s hard to find enough talent while at other times you want to add expertise to your organization for specific projects. In either case, we’re here to deliver what you need, faster and more effectively than you thought possible.

Our Approach:

  • Conduct architectural assessment
  • Work with the in-house team to specify the requirements for the new system
  • Lay out the architectural roadmap clearly delineating service boundaries
  • Develop features or services independent of, but in parallel with, the client team in order to maximize knowledge transfer
  • Ongoing projects with client teams

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Engineering loosely coupled, practical and maintainable microservices takes skill.

Our workshops are designed to be learner-focused, interactive and hands-on. Particpants will learn real-world skills which they can apply immediately to build better software faster. We offer public courses and customized versions tailored specifically for your business and requirements.

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