Client Testimonials

“Adaptech has been supporting us on our own CQRS Journey for more than a year. We have engaged with Adaptech multiple times and they deliver both sound advice and exceptional code.”

– Matt Bishop, Principal Architech
Elastic Path Software

“Using a highly collaborative design approach, the Adaptech team was able to understand our business so well that they quickly delivered a production-ready application that left our largest client saying, ‘Wow!'”

– Brian J., Product Director
EDP Software

“We have been super impressed and happy working with Adaptech over the last couple of months. They took the time to understand our business goals right from the beginning and the event-driven development helps keep scope and deliverables clear for both parties. Communication with Adaptech has been clear, timely and action-focused throughout our work together. I would highly recommend partnering with them for your next project!”

– Sion L.
DreamRider Productions

“The people at Adaptech are early adopters of event-centric architectures, CQRS and event sourcing with years of experience who are often leaders on their own. Their contributions have been and continue to be invaluable to the community at large.”

– Greg Young
Father of CQRS

Team Testimonials

“Adaptech welcomes, supports and encourages new contractors to learn about and participate in domain-driven and event sourced software design. The best part about working at Adaptech (apart from the people, each of whom is genuinely passionate about building better, scalable systems) is the respect that everyone affords to everybody else. No one’s opinion is disregarded¬†and everyone maintains an open mind. Adaptech is an ideal environment to work and to learn.”

– Emily Cramer, Software Developer

“I enjoy working at Adaptech because we speak the same language with our clients, we do event storming sessions together therefor we can deliver features faster and we deliver exactly what have been asked for. I also enjoy that I can work from anywhere anytime. No need to be at the office 9 to 5. Basically the laptop is all I need in order be productive and useful.”

– Ekaterina Egorova, Senior Software Developer

“Adaptech doesn’t offer ping pong tournaments, free beer Fridays, or hackathons, because they are banal platitudes; banal platitudes are unnecessary here. Adaptech refreshingly offers what I truly need:
Autonomy – Work when and where I want to work. Very flat management structure.
Mastery – Working with brilliant co-workers, with solid foundation of DDD, CQRS, ES, eliminates drudgery so I can focus on producing high quality code
Purpose – We strive to make software that delivers and delights, each and every day.
Camaraderie – My weaknesses are compensated by my peers, and I theirs. No egos. Win as one team.
Fun – We don’t take ourselves too seriously. While we do group activities together, they are usually spontaneous and optional.

– Eric Lau, Senior Software Developer