In our public workshops, participants learn real-world skills which they can apply immediately to build better software faster. In our corporate workshops we work with your business and requirements. We help you and your team understand, specify and architect your project for success.

Corporate Workshops

Event Storming – 1 Day Workshop

Event storming is a process in which business and technical stakeholders work together to come to a shared understanding of the value that their software delivers to customers and then translating that vision into a technology road map. It can be used to understand where the value lies in existing systems, determine how to decompose legacy and how to build new systems.

Through this process, teams get clear on what the product needs to deliver and why. Moreover, it modularizes the components of the application such that it reveals the architecture of the product to the technology team.

Our one day event storming workshop first introduces the technique, then dives into "learning by doing" focusing on what you want to achieve: e.g. an upcoming product initiative, a legacy enhancement or third-party integration.

Participants will learn how to apply event storming as a communications tool and how to use it to guide software development and project delivery.

  • Communicating and refining business objectives and value propositions across business- and technical stakeholder groups
  • Designing, validating and building microservices
  • Effectively leveraging legacy system investments, 3rd party integration patterns, legacy replacement strategies
  • Project planning and delivery trade-offs and opportunities: How to use event-based collaboration to manage technical debt, coordinate across teams, take advantage of outsourcing opportunities and meet timelines

Getting Started

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"Using a highly collaborative design approach, the Adaptech team was able to understand our business so well that they quickly delivered a production-ready application that left our largest client saying, 'Wow!'"

- Brian J., Product Director, EDP Software

Past Public Workshops

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April 12, 13 at UBC Robson Square, Vancouver, Canada

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Oct 13, 2017 – Vancouver, Canada